Safety & Results

Our Results
Published Outcomes
Bariatric Surgeries
0.05% – 1%
Leak Rate
Internal Hernia
2% -5%
Inadequate weight
15% – 25%
Excellent outcomes at Centre for Metabolic Surgery can be attributed to:
  • All surgeries are done by Dr. Ramen Goel himself ( Dr  Goel focuses completely on bariatric surgeries & does not do other surgeries)
  • Consistent & experienced surgical team working with Dr Goel for > 12 years
  • Extra surgical steps including suturing, fibrin glue, reinforcement & omental patch to reinforce staple line & to avoid leaks
  • 100% protocols for pre & post surgical management
  • Internationally trained nutritionist, counselor & bariatric physician
  • Bi- monthly support group meetings

Unlike other surgeries, the success of surgery does not end with discharge from hospital. The success of surgery should be assessed by following parameters –

Surgical Outcomes – Dr Goel’s concern & meticulous surgical approach has resulted in low mortality surgical outcome for over 14 consecutive years. This unmatched result, in a center with 250-300 bariatric surgeries every year, is the reason that people who have done extensive research prefer getting operated at CMS.

Weight Loss Results – A bariatric program is as good as the focus of its surgeon. Less than 5% patients at CMS report inadequate weight loss/weight regain, compared to ~20% reported by programs worldwide. Extensive counseling & follow up program followed by CMS team after extensive training & research is unique & helps patient not only lose but also maintain weight long term.

Re-operation Rate – If weight loss outcomes are as expected, the re-operation rates have to be low. At CMS, we do not take pride in re-operations. Even failed patients from other surgical centers are motivated to lose weight through our follow up program. However, Dr Goel is considered an international authority on re-operative bariatric surgery & patients from across the world travel for their surgery at CMS.